Top 5 tips to keep your kids safe if you're gone

Here are our top 5 tips for busy parents who want to make sure that their kids will always have a safe place to call home … no matter what!

Discover the top 5 tips to keep your kids safe if you’re gone

Wills and Trusts don’t have to be scary … especially when there are so many other real things to fear … like a class mate bringing trail mix with peanuts to your kid’s school, or a well-meaning aunt dropping off some home-made cookies … made with real butter… the world is scary enough without thinking about Wills and Trusts. 

We’ve worked with parents who have successfully created and customized plans that protect their kids against all kinds of things …. such as … eating something they’re allergic to at an aunt’s house … falling in with the wrong crowd of kids at school … protecting their kids finances from their own future poor life choices and more.

And if you asked these parents what they wished they had done differently; they all say that they wish they had done this sooner.

❤️ Maybe they thought that they didn’t have enough stuff to worry about creating a Will or a Trust.

❤️ Maybe they thought that their family will take care of their kids if something happens to them.

❤️ Maybe they thought that they have too many things going on right now and they just don’t know how to start on another more project.

❤️ Maybe they know exactly what they want to happen, but they just don’t know where to get started.

What’s on the inside?

We’ve compiled our top 5 tips for parents who want to create a legal plan to keep their kids safe and make sure that they will always have a place to call home – no matter what happens to the parents.

In this guide, you’ll discover how to … 

  • Tell your kid's caregivers how you want them to be disciplined, educated, and raised

  • Make sure there's a plan in place for your kid if you're not able to come home

  • Keep your kid's caregivers up to date on your kid's medical needs

  • Make sure that your plan is legal and will be followed