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Are you ready to take control of the legal foundations in your life that protect you, your partner, and your kids? Apply to the Giving Forward Program and get the plan that takes care of your legal foundations. 

You’ve tried using the online document drafting tools and felt like there was no process, no customization, and that you were just a number. We hear you. You’re not alone and it’s the top complaint we hear about online programs. That's why we created the Giving Forward Program.

The Giving Forward Program applies the 3Ls Method, so that you can plan for you life, plan for your love, and plan for your legacy. Discover the steps of the 3Ls Method below, then complete the application on the bottom of the screen.

discover the 3ls method

Phase 1:  Plan for Life

Step 1. Gather Information

The first step of creating your Will or Trust is to gather information and your life. Your life might seem easy, but that’s because it’s your life. Imagine if someone else had to step in to run your life without you leaving a guide book. Tough right? We’ll guide you through what information you need to gather and where to store it so it can be easily accessed during this process.

Step 2. Organize Information

Once you’ve gathered all your information, it’s time to organize it by type. This has two benefits, the first is that you’ll get a clear picture of your life, and the second is that you’ll be able to choose the right kind of plan for you and your family.

Phase 2: Plan for Love

Step 1. Name all Family Members and Potential Beneficiaries

It’s time to name all family members, that’s spouses, parents, and kids (and anyone you want to name as a beneficiary).

Step 2. Plan for their success if you’re not around

Once you’ve named all your loved ones, it’s time to figure out how you want to plan for their success if you’re not around. It’s hard to think about your kids being raised without you, but with a solid plan, you can ensure that they will know that you loved them and planned for them to succeed. 

Step 3. Choose the plan that fits your family

Now that you’ve figured out what your family members need to succeed, you can pick the right kind of plan for your family. You won’t have to worry about being confused by a Will or a Trust, because you’ll know exactly the right kind of plan.

Phase 3: Plan for Legacy

Step 1. Choose your Beneficiaries

You now have a list of all your family members and closest friends, and you’ve figured out what they need to succeed without you. It’s time to choose which of your family members will be beneficiaries and receive money or items from you when you die – don’t worry, you can select all of them! You don’t have to choose favorites – or at least make it obvious who is your favorite. 

Step 2. Choose their Legacies

After selecting who is a beneficiary and knowing what they’ll need to succeed, you’ll need to decide if that is the legacy that you want to leave for them.

Step 3. Make it Legal

After you’ve done all this work, it’s time to make it legal by signing the document according to state law. 

You’ve made all the tough choices now. You’ve figured out everything you have your life, determine what your loved ones need to survive without you, and the legacy that you want to leave behind for them. The last thing you need are the documents with your plan.

We got that part. We’ll craft the documents you need to enact your Giving Forward plan. 

The Giving Forward Program Application

If you're ready to get your peace of mind and get started with protecting your family and loved ones with a solid legal foundation, complete the application below. Once your application is accepted,  we'll schedule your Discovery Call so you can get started.