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We are committed to connecting you to the services and advice that you need so that you can build your health, wealth, and life, so that you can achieve your peace of mind. 


Emery Leach


supporting your local attorney

When you work with us, you're working directly with attorneys and your supporting your own. Our attorneys grew up in southern New Jersey, attended local schools, and graduated from Rutgers in Camden. How is that for having local knowledge? We're right there with you!

Personalized attention

You are an individual with a unique need. You'll receive personalized and devoted attention about your legal needs and questions from our attorneys. When you talk with us, it's just us. You don't have to worry about waiting for us to finish up with someone else on the chat box on your screen. It's just us. 

Owned and operated by attorneys

We're two awesome women who went to law school, graduated, and passed the bar. We're licensed attorneys and we can help you in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Actual Legal Advice

If you've read the disclaimers on LegalZoom, you'll notice that it says, "informational purposes only, not to be used as legal advice." Guess what? When you work with us, you can get actual legal advice so you can make the right decision without worrying. 

Customized Solutions

With legal advice comes a customized solution. You can tailor your Will, your Trust, and all of your legal planning to your goals and desires ... and you'll know that your Will, Trust, or other legal plans will actually be legal. You won't have to hope, you'll know. 

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