Tip: Check the contingent beneficiaries on your 401k

Minors … the legal way of talking about anyone who is under the age of majority … which in most states is the age of 18. Now, we’re only talking about “legal age,” we’re not talking about whether that age is indicative of responsibility. Do you remember what you were like at age 18? Crazy, (more…)

Tip: Create Your Asset Spreadsheet

Your life is complicated. There are a lot of moving parts, and you’re a master at juggling all of them. You know which credit card gives you 5% cash back at the grocery store this month, and you know what day and how much needs to be paid. You know what day your paycheck gets (more…)

Tip: Check car titles to see if your spouse is listed

If you’re part of an “average American household,” that likely means that you own 1.927 cars. (source). In many marriages, all income and assets are considered jointly owned, which includes vehicles. You should make sure that the set up of your legal life – including the ownership of your cars – reflects the reality of (more…)

Tip: Update Your Beneficiaries each New Year.

Take a deep breath in. Do you smell that? It’s that new year smell. It’s time for new resolutions, new habits, and it’s also time to review your beneficiaries. If you’re like most Americans, you have your retirement plan and your life insurance handled through your work. You may also have an IRA floating somewhere (more…)

Tip: Review Your Estate Plan at Spring Forward

Each time you move your clocks forward, take a look at your Estate Plan and make sure that it’s up to date and includes the right information.Personal representatives and executors – Is this person still alive? Do you still talk? Do you still trust this person to handle your stuff?Beneficiaries – Did you have any (more…)