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Focus on the here and now with your family and your kids because you don’t have worry about what happens after you’re goneYou’ve got enough to worry about without thinking about who makes sure your kids are taken care of

Are half-siblings considered full-siblings if there is no will?

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Does a half-blood sister inherit the same as a whole-blood sister? Let’s start with the idea that relatives of the Half-Blood inherit the same as they would if they were relatives of the whole blood. Is Harry Potter coming to mind when you think of “relatives of the half-blood?” Thanks to J.K. Rowling, the concept of the “half-blood” now has a colloquial meaning as well as a legal meaning, although there is much less suspense or cliff-hanging-ness about the legal concept of half-bloods as compared to the magical concept of a half-blood. (And usually less discrimination as well. Usually.)