What happens to your kids if something happens to you? 

Discover how you can get your peace of mind.

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What happens to your kids if something happens to you? 

Discover how you can get your peace of mind.


Your life is busy and you're not going to die anytime soon, so let's work together to make sure that you've got the right legal foundation to protect your medical decisions and provide financial security ... just in case. 


Your legacy is so much more than just money, it's the future of your kids and your best friend (aka spouse/partner). Let's make your legacy one protects your loved ones and create financial security for them.


How often do you say, "I love you"? Your Will or Trust is the action you need to take to ensure that your love can be felt far into the future, even when you're no longer there to say those three little words. 


Get your financial house in order.

As part of the Giving Forward Program, you'll create an Asset Inventory and get your financial house in order. You'll finally know what you own, how you own it, and what your next steps are to create a financially secure future for your family.


Protect your medical decision making.

It's tough enough being sick, just think back to the last time you had the flu. Imagine if you were comatose and unable to make medical decisions. Think about how hard that is on your loved ones. Let's make medical decisions today that will protect you and save the sanity of your loved ones.


Create security for your kids and loved ones.

Your kids are your most precious asset, even if they're little assets. Kids are uniquely vulnerable to the instability of losing a parent, but, with the Giving Forward Program, you will build the structure and provide security your kids need to become amazing adults. 


The "Giving Forward Program"

Your Kids

You love your kids. They're your pride and joy and you want to ensure that they'll always have a safe place to call home, that they always know you love them, and are financially secure.

Your BFF (Spouse or Partner)

You're building a life with your best friend, they're your partner in all things family, and you want to make sure that they'll always be taken care of, no matter what happens to you. 

Non-Profits and Charity

After building your financial security, having a life well-lived, and a family well-loved, maybe it's time to pass on your good fortune and ensure it continues to do good in the world.

Protect Your Kids with the Giving Forward Program

The Giving Forward Program will help you feel more in control of your life, of your finances, and of the legacy that you're leaving for your kids. The plan that you create will help you sleep easier at night knowing that your kids will have a safe and secure place to call home ... no matter what happens to you.

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